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All PPS students will attain academic excellence.


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PPS courageously confronts and overcomes inequities.


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All PPS students will acquire positive social and emotional skills.


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PPS attracts, supports, and retains talented and diverse people.

Every PPS Student Is

prepared & empowered

  • Pursuing high academic standards
  • Empowered to achieve in school, life, and work
  • A productive citizen of the city and the world
  • Respected and respectful of others
  • Personally connected to teachers, staff and the community
  • Nurturing curiosity, creativity, empathy, and personal wellbeing

our priorities

If Portland Public Schools intentionally engages its community and attracts, supports and retains a strong and diverse team of PEOPLE who hold all students to high expectations (EQUITY) in academics (ACHIEVEMENT) and social/emotional learning (WHOLE STUDENT), then all PPS students will graduate prepared and empowered to pursue their personal goals.

Equity People Whole Student Achivement

Our Core Values

High Expectations

We are all expected and enabled to meet high standards.

Creativity & Innovation

We embrace all modes of learning and encourage experimentation, ingenuity, and boldness.


We respect and value each person as an individual.


We are better together, and we support one another.


We commit to always confronting inequity.